Posted on 01 July 2017

Debi. R’s Guide to Rocking “Athleisure” Style:    

 It’s been seven months since the start of the New Year and girls are still rushing to stores to pick up gym clothes. The fashion industry has fallen head over heels in love with the new “athleisure” trend. Runways are saturated with models sporting celebrated “sportswear.”

 While wearing gym clothes outside of the gym may seem like a drawback to some women, Debi. R is going to let you in on their little secret to pulling this trend off.




Silky, Sporty and Sweet:

 After creating so much buzz in the fashion industry, the word “athleisure” was officially added to the Merriam Webster dictionary in 2016. The term insinuates that these types of comfy and casual clothing items can be worn both at the gym and during times of leisure.

 Turn your gym wardrobe into trendy nighttime looks by pairing your luxury athletic trousers with adorable, curve hugging silk tops. Cute heels intensify the look with an oomph you’re looking for.



Sport for Show:

 We also offer ensemble looks that will give you room to embrace the “athleisure” trend from the tip to the toe. Our fierce pink numbers are comfortable, sexy and stunning. The crop-tops and tracksuits also subtly invite people to get a glimpse at the work you’ve been doing inside the gym. Don’t forget to accessorize with understated, elegant jewelry: a subtle pair of hoop earrings or a casual necklace can do a world of wonders.



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