Debi.R Dbayeh...A Real Shopping Experience

Posted on 31 May 2017

Dbayeh is an area known for its fabulous diners, the highway that links the capital to its neighboring districts in the north and a sort of liveliness that feels reminiscent of the ones seen in metropolitan cities.

 With Debi.R now open in the vibrant hub, we figured all of you fabulous locals needed an outfit to match your amazingly eventful lifestyles. From minimal t-shirt dresses that you can wear down with a pair of converses, to a nighttime gown you can only wear with fabulous stilettoes, a shopping spree at Debi. R Dbayeh is never off the table!

Here are some rocking looks that you can only find at our store in Dbayeh:

  1. Daytime Glam:

 Sometimes, a minimal look is just enough to maximize your stellar appeal. We’re absolutely obsessed with the t-shirt dress trend that has dominated this season’s catwalks. A simple dress and a pair of sneakers can add a load of charm and attitude to your entire look.

 If you’re in the mood for something a little bit more glamorous and feminine, we suggest spending the day running errands in a stunning daytime dress and complement it with a pair of heeled ankle-boots.


  1. Party Town:

 This summer hit the clubs in a dress made to impress. The perfect little black mini-dress combines both avant-garde sophisticated glamour and an edgy, grunge-inspired look. Our For Love & Lemons off-the-shoulder dress has a lot more to offer than your quintessential red dress. Show off your best dance moves in our latin-inspired red dress with gushing silky-flirty ruffles and a built-in black belt that accentuates your most flawless curves.



  1. A Golden Queen

 If you’re looking for a lavish and fabulous dress to wear on a special occasion, be it a wedding, a gala or even prom, a useful rule of thumb is to cover yourself in gold. This golden Lennox dress couples a sheer, floor-length, crochet-infused overlay with a flirty and risky simple mini dress, giving your legs room to breathe and enjoy the soiree. Pair the look with sexy stilettos and prepare to glow like a beaming, golden goddess.



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