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Posted on 23 March 2017

Fashion Trends of 2017

2016 has bid us farewell and we can finally give 2017 a stylish hello! This year is infused with different emerging and continuing trends, from the comeback of the color pink to the return of the faux fur. One trend that’s especially standing out this season is quotations on clothing.


Clothes with Quotes

Want to say it and say it loud but not sure how? Rest assured, slogan tops are on the rise! While some designers favor prints, others like Micheal Kors, Gucci and Alexander Wang are going in a different direction: wording with simple designs. This trend is not only limited to logos, but has expanded to words of wisdom and empowerment putting French Connections’s famous “Fcuk” face to face with tough competition.



More examples of these powerful slogans are shown in Stella McCartney’s collection. Different celebrities have also been seen flaunting their slogan tops on the streets too!

Trendy, bold and empowering slogans are IN. Why? Because we’re living in an age when most, if not all, “millennials” want to be and make the change; what better way to show it than by incorporating it in your everyday wardrobe! As written on Allure’s website in a December article, in 2017, “The message is loud and clear: Let your shirt do all the talking next year.”

Whether you have something you want to say or just want to show off you cool side, hurry up and get your very own slogan t-shirt, suitable for any outing at any time, now!



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