Debi.R is a hub of creativity and talent. Everyone from senior management to the newest recruit has a positive attitude and it makes coming to work fun...


Not only are we the best place to shop, but also the best place to work! Every person at Debi.R makes the company what it is – a fun, innovative, hard-working and fashion forward company. We are growing rapidly and looking for talented, dedicated, and style savvy people to join our team. Whether you're skilled in social media, love to crunch numbers, have an eye for styling or photography, whether it´s the latest trends or leading-edge technologies that excite you ­ we want to hear from you! 

Drop us your CV at info@debi-r.com and you will be contacted for the first job opening suitable for you!


                                                                                                 xxx Debi.R Team

 Current Vacancies & Qualifications:

- Sales Branch Manager with the below Qualifications & Skills:

  • Sales Experience of at least 4 years in the fashion industry
  • Excelling in Customer Service and Needs
  • Sales Awareness to meet monthly targets and motivate other collegues
  • Ability to handle day to day situations and obstacles
  • Having Sense of Style and knowledge of new trends, fashion seasons, fashion terms and new products
  • Experience in Visual Merchandising and promoting products
  • General Math Skill and Verbal Communication
  • Fluent in English
  • Creativity at Debi.R is always welcome...Classic is Boring!
















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